About us

Hicran Helen Yildiz is the founder & owner of Diva Pets, Therapy Dogs and her brand new Therapy Dog Park!
She has studied Nursing, Animal studies, Dog Behaviour & Psychology plus Animal assisted Therapy. She has been breeding & Loving her Cavalier King Charles for many years❤️🐾🙏
Her love from purebred Cavalier King Charles went to First Generation Cavoodles as they are non-shedding and hypoallergenic, best for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
For this breed of First generation Cavoodles she realised that she needed to now breed purebred Toy Poodles aswell and cross them to get the best DNA results of a first generation cavoodle.  We are the number one, breeders of 2 pure breeds & only 1 first generation cross breed.
When you visit us you will notice we only have adult dogs that are pure breeds, so we cannot show you a first generation cross over 8 weeks old as thats when they’re off to their new loving homes!

Experienced Family Breeders

We are a family-owned and operated Cavalier King Charles, Toy poodle & First Generation Cavoodle breeders. Registered with the National Companion Pet Institute NCPI Member 9002078.


We are also proud member of PIAA

Pets industry Association Member Number BR20211751

We pride ourselves on producing happy, healthy, and well-socialised Puppies, with an emphasis on on-going support for your family and your new addition. 

Happy, Healthy Puppies

 We are Registered Ethical Breeders, and we believe in “ADOPT before you Shop.” However, there are rarely Cavaliers, Cavoodles &/or Toy Poodles that have calm DNA, trained and raised with love, that end up in the pound. 

There is always a need for ethical breeders with  love & compassion towards their animals. 

We provide our animals with nutrition and nurture, to ensure calm parents that in turn,  produce beautiful calm puppys.

Why First-Generation Cavoodles?

A Cavoodle is born to a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy Poodle Parent 1 of each purebreds crossed first time.  

First-generation Cavoodles have the maximum genetic benefits of having purebred Cavalier King charles & Toy Poodle parents. They are not a shedding breed, which makes them more suitable for homes with allergy issues. 

Our Aim

Our aim as a reputable breeder is to put the work into the puppies before they are adopted. 


Each puppy recieves quality training including our family time training program. After four weeks of age we allow the puppies to experience the home and learn the dynamics of living with a family. The significance of the training we provide is so ultimately our puppies eat on their own and know what a chew toy is, so they don’t chew on your kid’s fingers when you take them home! As well as teaching independence to reduce any separation anxiety and teaching relaxation so they don’t ruin your home when left alone.

We use varying training methods from a young age to deliver calm and happy puppies that are ready for your home. We train puppies especially for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Special needs and also for working families with special needs from a puppy.

Our puppies come microchipped, vaccinated, health-checked with papers.

We also provide a PUPPY PACK with all our puppies which include a Blanket with mums scent, chew toy, a toy they enjoy playing with here, food there on and an extensive training manual

Our Nursery Area

TThis specialist area has been especially built so that we can monitor and care for our mothers and their puppies at this very important stage. Our whelping mothers stay in our fully air-conditioned nursery where our family is in there 24/7 attending to their care and comfort. All of our puppies have this very early interaction with our children and staff who come from many different disability backgrounds and have found great therapy in working with us and our Therapy Dogs.

Our Therapy Dog Park is a great place where we train our puppies in socialisation and interaction with adults and children before they leave our care.

All our puppies are highly handled puppies whom go through intensive toilet training and calming training so your puppy will be cherished in their forever home.
We are an approved Dog Breeding/Boarding and Puppy Training Establishment by the Mid Coast Council and as such we are checked and audited to comply with and go beyond the code of conduct for animal welfare.